SaturmZlide: laZercowboys


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Meet the laZercowboys, a bunch of high-spirited astronauts who are hurtled into deep space after losing control over their technology…
Concept meets catchiness on SaturmZlide’s second HANDS album, which soundwise features a gripping mixture of space atmospheres, vocoder voices, extraterrestrial grooves and, of course, tough industrial rhythms. “laZercowboys” is extremely club-compatible, but also a strong recommendation for home listening through its flawless production value - and its unique leitmotif. The intro “Earth Shine” sets the mood: Infinity, fear, unanswered questions – astronaut Raphael is the protagonist of this story who has to deal with exceptional circumstances. Helplessness threatens to drive him mad; a dark mood dominates his feeling of being “Lost in Space”. The trip is a fast-paced one, with the beats pushing and shoving along the “Cosmic Highway”. Raphael realizes he might already be aboard space cruiser 999, where in “Type 999 Boarding” rhythm’n’noise meets vaguely 90s style up tempo house sounds (speak of wormholes there!). Approaching “Canopus Flight” and the “Callisto Ghost” must be a true challenge, aggravated by heavy magnetic storms, or where those just nightmares? “Black, deep and vast” space lies before us, infinite blackness in sound and vision, but then “Super Type 999” propels the seeker onward (and just doesn’t it sound like an experimental cousin of an Underworld track?), and “Planet Home” is in sight – a two-faced 10-minute opus, where a banging rhythm submerges into lush ambience with the prog-reference that SaturmZlide wouldn’t do without. What matters in the end is the ultimate beauty of “Gaia”, and another genre hybrid, minimal electro pop with an industrial edge, a melody to die for, to protect its preciousness. “laZercowboys” stands as a testament of heartfelt musicianship, everything in place, intricate sound design. SaturmZlide can, but even more so he wants – thoroughly emotional and devoted electronic music!