Most Significant Beat: Musica Y Electronica


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-M.S.B. was born in 1991 as a project formed by Saverio Evangelista (member of ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO since 1992) & MaurizioMartinucci (Tez). Their published records have been sold out for many years: several maxis, an album "Electrons at Work" (Apocalyptic Vision) and other two shared works: Control Remoto 1.0 with Esplendor Geométrico and Control Remoto 2.0 (with Dose Zero) At last Geometrik (Esplendor Geometrico label) releases a new double CD that on one hand includes more than one hour of unreleaseleased material (13 tracks)
recorded between 1998 and 2004 , and on the other hand contains a selection of the best MSB tracks selected by themselves: 33 tracks in total. MSB music is based on rythms and electronic sound, sometimes being pure Industriustrial, and other times being nearer to elektro, new minimal electronica..