Incite: Dare to Dance


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-Kera Nagel and André Aspelmeier, awarded several times for their genuine combination of rough, distorted industrial IDM-beats and monochrome visuals, deliver a complex and inspiring work: ‘Dare to dance’ continues from the predecessor’s agenda with ten driving audio tracks that merge elaborate beat structures with disruptive noise bursts, based on ear-catching tracks from their recent live-sets. The result lifts the two's music onto a new level: unconventional danceable beats, fragments of shreddededded melodies and synth excursions set up on an extraordinary sub bass foundation. A strongly consistent and innovative album! The CD is again enhanced by two grayscale and immersive Quicktime-videos in the signature incite/ style. This is perfect proofproof that you can successfully operate in different fields of art and integrate your efforts so that the result is more than the mere combination of both. incite/ are not “just” visual artists, but also musicians that chart a territory of their own, a pe, a peculiar brand of braindance that is very attractive and manifold and aptly reflected in their visual and performance art. ‘Dare to dance’ - both, a clue to the twist within incite/'s musical development and a call to the audience. The more courageouseous among them might even dare to dance this time.