100blumen: Floral Annihilation

Ant Zen

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-although the electronic sound assaults seems like a long way from this artist's punk rock roots, the inspiration from punk prophets like conflict, discharge and crass is still of great importance to 100blumen - that is a citizen of full age, the scrutinization of authorities, politics and beliefs. but he does not consider his music 'political'; however track titles and some samples can be used as thought provoking impulses - if the listener decides to. musically, 'floral annihilation' is a consolidaolidated package of energetic, percussive pieces, interlaced with many facets of electronic sounds - repetitive, impulsive and suggestive. 100blumen focuses on a balance between hard danceable industrial noise (characterized by the artist's own descriptioiption of 'polyrhythmic rock and roll') and lo-fi influenced less aggressive tunes. all this is combined with a 100blumen / loss collaboration ('pussywillow') and two remixes by p.a.l and heimstatt yipotash. this cd is a truly fine follow up to 'in floricfloriculture there is no law!' packaging: cd gatefold sleeve.