Sturmpercht: A Wilde Zeit


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-release date should be somewhen in spring"a wilde Zeit" is a anthology, a early-years collection of rare songs and long deleted vinyls from the inventors of ALPINE FOLK music. the CD includes most songs from early 2003 until end of 2005, except the first LP/CD "Stürm ins Leben wild hinein". "a wilde Zeit" includes all 7inches, many songs from the mLP "alpine Bann- und Segenssprüche" and several compilation tracks, as well as one unreleased song. this CD was originally released in a limited edition oion of 100 copies in wooden case, but due to endless requests from fans and distributers, we decided to release the album officially now, in a (partially) remastered and widely expanded version. the CD comes in a 6-side digipack with stunning artwork..