Sol Invictus: The Cruellest Month


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-Sol Invictus are the godfathers of classic Apocalyptic Folk. With "The Cruellest Month," they release their first album for six years and make their long-awaited debut for Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions. To Tony Wakeford, his 17th studio album under the moniker Sol Invictus is significant not only because of that: "'The Cruellest Month' is an important recording to me as I had thought that 'The Devil's Steed' (2005) would be my last studio album under the name of Sol Invictus. A few yearsyears ago, I had to cut wood that was rotten, but 'The Cruellest Month' is a vindication that I had made the right decision. Still, the question is: is it the end of something old or the start of something new?"