Ordo Equitum Solis: Killing Time killing Love


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It took cult act ORDO EQUITUM SOLIS not less than thirteen years, to work on an all new album. We are proud to present ‘Killing Time killing Love’! Leithana and Deraclamo, joined by Maury invite you to a new journey in ten initiatory steps, throwing an introspective glance to past, present and future, putting words and music to the eternal human questionnings, finger touching the sublime by their melodies and Leithana’s unique voice. This is their first album in the XXIst century, but it is carried by the timelessness that were one of the most remarkable attributes that defined all their previous albums! Recordings for a lifetime! ‘Killing Time killing Love’ is a new stone added to the solid building in masterly written and recorded music, that represents the unity ORDO EQUITUM SOLIS!