Various Artists: Maschinenfest 2014

2x CD

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maschinenfest no. 16 is history – and while the antics and memories, the videos and pictures of another edition of the one festival to be are exchanged throughout the worldwide maschinenfamily, here’s this years legacy: 27 tracks, mostly exclusive (as always), covering all bands from headliners sonar, winterkälte and monolith over mf regulars like architect, empusae, nullvektor and dazzling malicious to promising newcomers like [basementgrrr]. genre-bending and reliably high quality throughout! let’s give a  nod to every act that appeared on stage and their featured tracks. kick it off with cd1/purple: catastrophe noise (classic pounding rhythm noise), gore tech (distorted phat breaks), sylvgheist maëlström (heavyweight electronica), dazzling malicious (with his rediscovered rhythmic face), detritus (eerie downbeat), loss (with a steaming xotox remix), chrysalide (emotionally and schizophrenically mixed by amnesy), architect (wonderfully atmopsheric), sonar (with aremix of their current album), mortaja (decidedly technoid), phasenmensch (one of his fragile and beautiful tracks), hologram (symphonic electronica with a dramatic build-up), mono-amine (industrial hardcore with evil old school sounds) and inade (dense ritual atmospheres). change cds and get ready for the 2nd helping (in silver): oyaarss (abrasive atmospheres), nullvektor (w/ an edit from his current album), näo (unmistakeable post rock industrial), winterkälte (w/ a live recording from their 2012 appearance), moogulator (chunky, clattering electro sounds), [basementgrrr] (one of his faster tracks), saturmzlide (rhythmic genre hybrid), thee secrete society (eerie ritual ambient), zero degree (pulsing atmospheric beauty), machine code (piercing drumstep feat. cooh), ambassador 21 (fucking all systems), empusae (w/ a heartbreaking live track) and monolith (bouncing updated rhythmic style). the 2014 edition is bound in beige cardboard with purple and silver print. your essential annual dose of vitamin 'm'!