Geomatic / Lagowski: Cosmochemistry


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This album is the meeting between 2 great composers active in the wider industrial fields for years. Geomatic belongs to the most creative generation of talented composers, which is mainly inspired by tribal & IDM. Andrew Lagowski is an old servant of the industrial scene who explored multiple creative grounds, got involved in numerous collaborations and projects. The idea behind this concept deals with ancestral dimensional coding, space, science and the unseen. “Cosmochemistry” is meant to be the symbolic key to enter in new/other dimensions. The concept sounds a bit surreal, but musically this opus is a brilliant production.  Geomatic remains faithful to its typical Eastern-mystic atmospheres and tribal influences we discovered on outstanding albums like “Blue Beam” and “64 Light Years Away”. The input of Lagowski appears in the darker and sometimes experimental passages of this work. The album features 9 cuts, which progressively rise to an absolute apotheosis, and finishes with two Brilliant dancefloor remixes by the French industrial duo Ex_Tension and DJ Element (aka Laurent Le Fers label manager at M-tronic). In total 79 min 30 sec of music !!!