Blood Axis / Les Yoyaux De La Princesse: Absinthe / La Folie Verte


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-Absinthe: La Folie Verte is a sonic and poetic invocation combining mind-altering music and powerful recitations of Absinthe-inspired poems of the fin-de-siecle. These elements unite with a brilliant graphic presentation to conjure an emerald realm of euphoric delirium. It is also one of the most obsessive recordings ever made: the various melodies that float across these soundscapes derive from forgotten Absinthe songs of the past; actual elements of the latter, derived from old cylinder recordingsdings and 78s, have also been carefully stirred and distilled into new formulations by LYDLP Furthermore, all aspects of this album (instrumentation, spoken recitations, and even the final mixing) were executed under the influence of the drink. The end rend result is an impressionistic tour-de-force and the ultimate aural hymn to la fee verte, the Green Fairy.